Features Buyers Look for in Homes

A Home Office

The conversion for many employees to remote work has prompted a wave of relocations, many from urban to suburban or rural locales. Proximity to an office is not necessarily a driving factor in where buyers choose to relocate anymore. Although people have been freed up to move further from their offices, many are looking to have a dedicated workspace in their new home (preferably one with a door, to lock out children, partners, and pets!). High-speed internet access is also a must, especially for remote work and school.


Outdoor Space and/or Proximity to Green Spaces

Nothing can make a person yearn for a backyard quite like being cooped up in a city apartment for months on end, especially if they have children or pets. Backyards, or being close to outdoor recreation, areas have jumped to the top of many people’s wish list. Staying at home isn’t quite as bad when home has outdoor space to run, play, or relax. Parents with children are looking for homes in safe areas with plenty of space for their kids to play and explore, and their pets, too! Cities are seeing population declines, while rural areas are noticing substantial growth. Here in North Conway we have seen an influx of people looking to take advantage of the White Mountains and proximity to natural recreation areas.


Updated Kitchen and Bathroom

Spending quite a bit more time at home over the past months has encouraged more people to get in touch with their culinary talents (or lack thereof). If they choose to relocate, most are looking for a nicely updated kitchen with modern appliances so they can continue unleashing their inner chef. Generally speaking, this past year aside, most buyers want a nice, clean, updated kitchen so they don’t feel the need to remodel. Updated, modern bathrooms are in as well. If people are spending most of their time in their houses, they will be using the bathroom with increased frequency since they aren’t at work for most of the day. Besides, pink bathroom tile is not in demand the way it used to be! 


Energy Efficient and Sustainable Homes

It’s a fact that the broader world is slowly transitioning to more sustainable energy sources and renewable resources, and buyers would like to see that reflected in their homes. Appliances and building materials that are sustainable and planet-friendly are in high demand, especially amongst younger buyers. Energy efficiency in regards to appliances, windows, and other building materials are also increasingly important to buyers, and can increase the comfort and long-term affordability of a home. More homeowners are starting to realize the benefits of solar panels, and those can become a selling point for new owners. Bottom line, sustainable and environmentally-friendly homes are growing in popularity for the eco-minded buyer.


Open Concept 

Open concept floor plans allow buyers to maximize their square footage, and makes the home feel bigger. Plus, anyone who’s seen an episode of Property Brothers knows that’s the first thing most home buyers ask about!  An open kitchen/dining/living area allows family members to spend time together while cooking, hanging out, doing homework, etc., and allows parents to keep an eye on littles running around. Have a great view in the backyard? Now you can see it from the moment you walk in the door, the sight lines are pretty fantastic in an open concept home. 


While each buyer is different, and has different wants and needs, there has been a definite shift from urban to suburban or rural during the past few months. Whether a primary or second home, buyers are looking for an escape and space. The above list are simply a few things that buyers are potentially looking for in their new homes, but above all, the home office is key! 


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