Selling Commercial Real Estate

Selling Commercial Real Estate in New Hampshire

Selling a commercial entity is a very involved process that requires a lot of time and research and puts less emphasis on the visceral feel of a property. This is not to say the location is not important but that the numbers have to make sense for the investor, the financial institution, and the seller. Key data comes from a variety of sources and undergoes analysis through a variety of methods to determine the proper listing price. Advertising a listing takes a broad reach and many outlets are utilized to get the biggest broadcast to the largest audience. The sales process can be complicated and we can help assist through that process and avoid pitfalls that would hinder progress.


1 | Initial Discussion

Selling a business or commercial real estate often comes at a milestone event. Perhaps you are retiring, moving your family, starting a new venture, or desiring a new career and have decided it is time to sell. We sit with you to learn your goals and come up with ways to help you meet them. Selling a business often takes time and patience and it is best to start this process long before you are ready to actually sell. Many business owners have spent years folding some of their personal expenses into their business and a discussion should occur to discuss the ramifications of doing so. The better your position and bigger your strengths the greater chance of realizing your goals of a successful sale.


2 | How much is it worth?

We use a few different techniques to evaluate a business. Businesses can be comprised of real property, assets, goodwill and have multiple facets to be rated. Mixed-use properties pose different challenges than a business only sale and these can differ dramatically from hospitality and restaurants. Add to this leases and equipment and employees and the formulas can be very convoluted. We try to make this as simple as possible and present data to back up our evaluations. Using a commercial agent for this gives you more knowledge and experience than a residential agent who may have a good opinion on the real estate but be a bit out of their depth with the surrounding issues.


3 | Photography and placement

Photographs are important. People browse online endlessly prior to deciding where to purchase. This means we need to put our best foot forward and this starts with professional photos to attract people to your business. We were the first agency to use a professional photographer on a regular basis and are constantly looking for ways to improve your online presence. Placement is key to attracting buyers. Just putting a property on MLS does not satisfy the demands for those looking for commercial properties. Many of the websites we employ are specifically designed for marketing commercial properties and this practice means better placement and higher odds of selling for our clients. We combine this with social media to attract a greater pool of potential buyers. Networking plays a part in commercial real estate and I have fostered relationships with agents outside our area which gives your listing greater exposure in the southern part of our state.


4 | Buyers

We work very hard with buyers who come forth with questions about your enterprise. We strive to collect data in advance to have ready for legitimate buyers. We screen potential buyers to ensure they have the ability to purchase and are worthy of credit. We use appropriate forms and security measures to keep your confidential matters private while giving enough information for investors to determine the value of your business. It is essential to have someone willing to meet buyers for tours to show all the advantages of your business in the best light and answer questions about the nature of your business, its successes and how it fits in with the local market.Through this process, we learn and share the many intricacies that make your investment attractive to others and gather feedback for your edification.


5 | Support

We have a network of professionals to help with valuation, marketing, and selling. Using a host of people who all work in commercial real estate means we can make the process go as smooth as possible avoiding pitfalls and overcoming hurdles. A commercial transaction often involves complicated contingencies and provisions that are not addressed in the realm of residential real estate and having a commercial agent advocating for you can make a world of difference.


6 | Unique Perspective

Because this area fosters greater growth for homegrown businesses and sole proprietorships I feel we can address the complicated nature of some of our clients’ properties. It is not uncommon for us to bundle together a home, business, and equipment into a sale. This means not only finding the proper values but helping to find the resources for lending and appraising. Our knowledge of the area is a great asset that is not enjoyed by those who work outside our area and this knowledge can mean a great deal in the marketing of your property.

We encourage you to come and talk with us about your business to ascertain what we can do to help you attain your goals. Our resources and coaching are at your disposal whether you are ready to sell now or want to start working on a three to five-year plan for transition to another owner. An opinion of value for your business from a market perspective can help you make choices that would put you in the best possible light for a future sale and net you what you deserve so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Work With Us

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