Finding the Right Agent for You

Finding a buyer’s or seller’s agent is one of the first steps to take when you embark on your real estate journey. Consider them your guide through the entire process, there to help you along the way and answer any and all questions you may have. It’s important to find an agent you feel comfortable with, as the process can have its stressful and challenging moments. 


Finding a Buyer’s Agent

  • After speaking with a mortgage lender and understanding your budget and pre-approval amount, it’s time to find a buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent should be someone who is knowledgeable, responsive to your questions and concerns, and thorough. The agent you choose will be advocating on your behalf and looking out for your interests, so it’s important to feel confidence in, and comfortable with, them. Home buying can be an arduous process, so you really need to know that your buyer’s agent has your back. 
  • To find the right buyer’s agent, ask around for a referral. Have family or friends in the area used a local real estate agent? Ask around the workplace for a recommendation if you’re moving for business. Look online at reviews of local offices and agents and interview those with plenty of positive reviews. Don’t be afraid to interview multiple agents, either. This is likely the largest financial transaction you will undertake in your lifetime, and you want to choose an agent you have confidence in.  Remember that a good agent isn’t just out to get a quick sale under their belt, they should be focused on finding you the right home no matter how long that takes. 


Finding a Seller’s Agent

  • Finding a seller’s agent is very similar to finding a buyer’s agent. You want to be sure that you click well with the agent, and that they are prepared to list your property. 
  • What services does your potential listing agent offer? For instance, do they have a concrete plan for marketing your property and getting it the most exposure possible? Do they have a professional photographer who will showcase your property in the best light? In addition, the number of platforms on which your property is advertised can have a big impact on the sale. For example, will they list your home on,, and other sites? Will they advertise your home in print ads as well? Any reputable listing agent should be able to answer these questions clearly and present a listing plan before you sign any documents. 
  • You also want to ensure that your listing agent is a clear and consistent communicator and that you can reach them at any time if you hit a bump in the road. Don’t hire an agent you feel will list and leave you. They should keep you updated at all points in the process, and make sure you’re comfortable with all the details of the home sale process


In conclusion, choosing an agent, whether a buyer’s agent or seller’s agent, is perhaps the most important choice in the real estate process. Make sure you choose someone who you are comfortable with, communicates clearly, and keeps you in the loop. 


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