Get Buyers to Notice Your Home This Spring

Spring is definitely upon us here in the Valley, and with it come the usual spring-cleaning tasks. For people listing their homes for sale, however, certain tasks will boost the curb appeal of the home and draw more interest. Keep reading to find out easy ways to up your curb appeal and attract buyers!

Spruce Up Your Lawn!

  • Mow the grass, pull up any weeds, and reseed areas that are looking sparse or dead. If you don’t have a lawn, try sprucing up anyway. Rake fallen pine needles, trim any overgrowth, and remove fallen branches and logs.

Power Wash

  • From dirt and grime buildup on your fence and house to oil stains on your driveway, a power washer is a great way to help your exteriors look like new. Easily rented, a power washer will get rid of any grimy buildup in no time. You can use a power washer to clean a multitude of surfaces, including paving stones, walkways, decks, and more. You won’t realize how dirty they were until you start pressure washing the buildup away.

Make Those Windows Shine

  • Windows build up a surprising amount of dirt over the year, so a quick exterior wash will make them shine. You can get to the inside later when you tackle your indoor spring-cleaning chores. Bright and sparkling windows will make your home look inviting and shiny!

Get Rid of Gutter Gunk

  • Regular maintenance of your gutters is important, and nothing ruins the clean lines of your home like tiny trees sprouting from your gutters, or water pouring down the face of your house in a spring rainstorm. Buyers want to see that the annual maintenance tasks of the home have been kept up, minimizing large projects upon move-in.

Fresh Flowers & Plantings

  • Plant flower beds and window boxes with bright spring blooms: daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, etc. A splash of color will catch eyes and interest! Potted plants on porches, decks, and patios also help brighten up your outdoor living spaces and are easy to maintain.
  • Refresh or add mulch if you have flower beds. Fresh mulch will add definition to your flower beds, and show buyers that you have kept up with the gardening, and care about your home and yard.

Apply Fresh Paint!

  • If your fence is painted, give it a fresh bright coat of paint. The same goes for shutters, doors, etc. It’s amazing what a fresh paint coat can do to lighten and brighten the exterior of your house, making it look neat and tidy. While it’s a large project to be sure, consider painting the exterior of your home if paint has started to peel and flake.
  • Consider staining and sealing any wood surfaces that are due for a new coat, including decks, porches, steps, and railings.

Trim Hazardous Branches

  • Dangling dead branches can present a safety hazard, especially if they dangle over the house, cars, or kid’s outdoor play areas. Aside from that they can often be unsightly, and no buyers want to deal with having to schedule an arborist right when they move in.

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