Houseplants to Freshen & Brighten Your Home

If you’ve noticed the inside of your home smelling and feeling a little stale, a few houseplants may be able to freshen it up! According to a study completed by NASA (yes, that NASA), there are a bunch of different air-filtering plants that can up the quality of air in your home. Take a look at a few of our favorite (and hard-to-kill)  houseplants below, and then start growing!


Spider Plant

Spider Plants are among the easiest and low-maintenance houseplants. It can grow in a variety of different conditions, making it perfect for people lacking a green thumb. They need well-drained soil, and bright indirect sunlight. Be careful to not over-water them to prevent root rot. The best part of these plants is they self produce “spiderettes” which hang down from the mother plant. These spiderettes can be planted separately, creating an entire new spider plant!  Click here to learn more about growing spider plants.



While orchids may seem like a fussy plant that would be difficult to keep alive, they really aren’t! They thrive in humid, tropical climates, so try keeping them in your bathroom! Pot them with well-draining soil, and indirect light. If you put them in a bathroom with a window, the humidity will help them thrive! Add other plants that do well in humid climates, and create a tropical paradise in your bathroom! For more tips on growing orchid varieties, click here.



Pothos is a great plant for areas with little sunlight, or fluorescent lights, although they do prefer bright, indirect light. Plant them in well-drained potting soil,  and allow them to dry out in between waterings. When they become pot-bound (roots have filled the pot making it difficult to water your pothos), re-pot in a larger container, filled with new and fresh potting soil. To create a “new” pothos from your existing plant, take stem cuttings and root them in either water or potting soil. As soon as new roots are growing, move them to the soil, and enjoy your new pothos! Click here to learn more about growing your own pothos.


Aloe Vera

Always forget to water your plants. Aloe Vera might be for you! Plant your aloe in a terra cotta pot with well-draining soil. Try a succulent planting mix for best results. Put your aloe vera in a spot that gets bright sunshine, or you risk your aloe stopping growth. Give it a heavy watering every two weeks or so, letting the soil dry fully in between. Too much water will cause the roots to rot. If you see a smaller new plant growing from your aloe vera, separate the roots out and replant in a different container. Snip off an aloe leaf as close to the stem as possible to access the aloe gel inside. This can be used to treat minor burns! Click here to learn more about growing your own aloe vera plant. 


Air Plants

The great thing about air plants is that they don’t need any soil! These aptly-named plants are epiphytes (in the wild, they grow on tree branches and other plants), so you can skip the planters. Instead, place them in a terrarium,  hanging glass orbs, or any other creative spot. The options are endless! To water these plants, simply submerge them in a large bowl or sink full of water for about half an hour (different varieties have different requirements). Let them dry upside down, then return them to their home. Click here to learn more!

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