Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing A Home

Are you new to home buying? One of the first steps to take is hiring a buyer’s agent. Having a dedicated buyer’s agent, who will have your best interests at heart will make the home-buying process run much more smoothly. Keep reading to learn the 10 reasons to hire a buyer’s agent when searching for your new home!

1. They are the experts

Buyer’s agents are trained professionals, with experience in helping clients find their ideal home. They know which homes will meet your search criteria, and which might not be a good fit.


2. They know the local area and market

Hiring a local agent who knows the area is more than beneficial. They will be able to speak to the school systems, local taxes, local real estate market, which neighborhoods are quiet retreats, and which are downtown hotspots. They will make sure you search for homes in places that suit you, and not in places you want to avoid.


3. They are hired to represent your interests

A buyer’s agent’s priority is you, the buyer. They are hired to represent you in your home search and will work in your interest to get you the outcome you want.


4. They are professional negotiators!

Licensed Real Estate Agents are skilled in the art of negotiation, it’s part of their job! From negotiating the best price on the house, to the details of furnishings, repairs, etc., they will get you the best deal possible.


5. They coordinate showings of homes that meet your budget, wants, and needs

Buyer’s agents help you avoid seeing houses that are either out of your price range, desired neighborhood, or simply those that don’t fit your needs. They will find the available homes that are perfect for you, so you don’t waste valuable time.


6. They help you navigate contracts & decipher paperwork

Have you ever read the contracts and paperwork that are part and parcel of the home buying process? To the untrained eye, they can be incredibly confusing, full of real estate legal jargon. A buyer’s agent will interpret all of the information for you, and help you through.


7. They have local connections and contacts

Hiring a buyer’s agent who is a local of the area in which you are looking means that you will have access to their local network of contacts. From home repair to local lenders, home inspectors, attorneys, and banks, they will know who to call.


8. They will help you make the best offer and advise you on financing

The buyer’s agent will be able to help you make the best offer on the property you have decided upon. With your best interests at heart, and with knowledge of your financial standing, they will guide you through making an offer and navigating the tricky world of financing.


9. They will help you stay on schedule and meet deadlines

Your agent will make sure that you meet any deadlines throughout the process. From signing paperwork to financing dates, they will make sure that you are on track for success.


10. They work for you!

The right buyer’s agent will listen to you, and work to find the properties that meet your search criteria. Our Real Estate Agents at Pinkham Real Estate have the experience and expertise to find you your dream home!


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